Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another great sale!!

Killer Sale at The Childrens Place right now.  They have an ADDITIONAL 50% off winter clearance items.  Many tops and bottoms $3 or less.  Looks like a flat rate of $5 shipping and rumor has it if you use code SA19 at checkout you will get an additional 15% off.

I dont recommend trying to purchase anything till late tonight when less people are shopping.  I have had my laptop up on the kitchen counter for over an hour navigating through their site.  They are so bogged down right now its not even worth it!  

High quality brand new items at cheaper than consignment prices delivered to your door!  I am just so easy to please!!

EDIT:  after waiting all afternoon for their slooow site, I finally finished.  I timed out numerous times but was very patient as I knew these deals were too good to pass up!

For $32 SHIPPED (including tax)I got:

matching avocado velour sweat set
matching red velour sweat set
matching retro floral type yoga top and bottom
coordinating fleece pant and long sleeve top
another long sleeve top
2 tank tops

11 really super cute high quality items.  woo-hoo!  I'm super excited!

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Connie Weiss said...

Thanks for the tip! I love saving money on kids clothes!