Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Albertsons week of Oct 15-21

Well, I never did get a sneak peak at the ad.  I never even got my ad in the mail yesterday!!!  Whats up with that?

Am I not supposed to go this week, is this a sign???  
Well, here are the greatest deals anyway.

10 for $10 (must buy 10)
Hamburger Helper use 75/3 coupons from inserts (or if you were lucky enough to print the IPs from last week) and clip $10/10 Fred Meyer coupon from their ad = .25 each!!
Betty Crocker Box Potatoes use recent .40/1 coupon = .60
Progresso Bread Crumbs (old $1/2 IP no longer available)
Betty Crocker Frosting (old .55/1 IP no longer available)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights use .50/1 from insert= .50

Other Deals
Yoplait Yogurt is 20/$10 - $1/4 Light Yogurt Coupon (I hope they will be part of the sale) or use .40/6 from insert if you are desperate = (with IP) .25

Cheerios will be 2.00 each when you buy 10, good if you have any coupons
Mulitgrain Cheerios or Cinnamon toast Crunch will be 1.50 when you buy 10

Wheat Thins or Triscut are 4 for $10, buy 4 cracker get Free Kraft chunk or Shredded cheese.  Plus, buy your crackers before the 17th to get a $4 catalina coupon.  SO, 4 crackers + 1 cheese= $6 

Also in back of ad '24 ways to get FREE CANDY', or an Albertsons Frozen Pizza.  I wasn't real impressed by the deals. (you will need coupon from Albertson ad for these)  Best I saw;

Smart Balance 2 for $6 (use 2 $1/1 insert coups)= $4 +free candy
Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice is 2 for $5 - $1/2 coupon from insert= $4 + free candy
Filipio Berio Olive oil is 6.99 - $1/1 coupon (print using my left sidebar)= 5.99 + free candy

As always, Happy Shopping. 
and lets hope next week I get to see some ads!!


Jane said...

I went to Albertsons today and one of the deals I did was the two Old Orchard Juices for a free pizza. I had a coupon for $1/2. When I got there the juices were marked 3.19 and BOGO. I checked at the register to make sure that was right. The clerk gave it to me at that price, so the final price was 2.19 for 2 juices and a pizza, not bad!

Erin said...

wow, I was thinking of going today, I hope I get as lucky!! Thanks for the heads up!