Friday, October 17, 2008

No washing Diapers for 1 week!

Thats right, I will be giving up washing diapers for a week.  I love my bumGenius more than any other diaper.  They are so cute I just love to see them poking up above my daughters 'baby low rise' pants.  Washing them takes almost no longer than a regular load of laundry.  They keep her drier than disposables and protect her soft skin against diaper rash.  The 'one size' diaper saves us so much money, we will never have to buy diapers again no matter how many children we choose to have and what ages/sizes they are.

But, I just can't handle it right now.  We have moved into our new house, boxes are piled everywhere, you've seen it before yourself Im sure.  In addition to our move we have 2 rooms unlivable, or, under construction. The home we purchased was a foreclosure and has been unoccupied since January, it was also left in poor shape.  Such a shame for such a very nice house.  My daughters room had a big spill that was left to mold the carpet, baseboard and part of a wall.  We have had to rip everything out, carpet tacks and all.  We are now, after a lot of cleaning, in the process of painting and putting her room back together.  Keep in mind the 3rd bedroom is in just as bad of shape and we will attack that when we can....  

Soooo, everything that is supposed to be in those 2 rooms will be piled up in our living room, furniture included, until we have a place to put it all.

Laundry??  Not going to happen right now.  I went to the Commissary and purchased the cheapest pack of diapers I could find; Pure'N Gentle 4.99 for a 40 pack, she will be a size 3 (something that means nothing to us cloth-diapering moms).

I have used a few different types of disposable diapers in the past, I actually used them until she was 3 mos old, and these remind me of Luvs, I think.  They seem really thin but claim to be scent and dye free, at least the liner is (??).  I remember preferring Seventh Generation, then Pampers, then Huggies, THEN Luvs.  So, we will see how it goes!!

Im sorry Environment!!

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The Keevy Family said...

Hang in there, Sounds like a lot of chaos! It's just a stage, it will get better!