Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby slippers. Happy Frugal Friday!

Okay, okay, here they are. I made my first pair of baby slippers. I used the really easy pattern here and simplified it a little as I was using fleece and did not double the layers where suggested, except the sole.

I also did not do the proper button hole, didn't want to worry about putting the specified presser foot on my machine, I just cut little slits. Instead of embellishing them with a sewn on design I just tied a ribbon to the elastic in front. And I used 'puffy paint' (remember that stuff, Im thinking early 90's?) to make the soles slip resistant. Very easy!

I love them so much and can't wait for her to wear them, I am saving them for her birthday!!

One of the best parts about these slippers is that they were made from mere scraps.  Basically left over fleece!!  So, if I had already had the 'puffy paint' (which I had to buy at about $1) I would have spent nothing on these!!


The Keevy Family said...

Absolutely beautiful! Glad to know what you were sewing from the last post!! :) Good luck with all the party stuff this weekend.

Saver Queen said...

I am SO impressed. I had to show my colleague just now, as soon as I saw them. They are just adorable!!! Did you use a pattern?

cynthiagilbert said...

So cute! Thank you so much for sharing this. My two-month old hates to wear socks (cries if I try to sneak them on her) and I was wondering what I was going to do now that the weather is getting colder. These are perfect!