Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Magazines

I do love free magazines.  I always keep a couple in the car, the coffee table and just about anywhere else I may get a minute of 'me' time.  

Here are some really great 'no strings attached' offers.  (because I would never remember to cancel a trial period and I dont expect you to either!)

A free subscription to BabyTalk magazine.  I just ordered it myself!

Remedy Health, I get this one as well, great health tips and recipes.

ReadyMade magazine.  This one is really cool.  A modern home-esque magazine w/ frugal crafty type tips and some green living stuff.   Yes, I get this one too!

How about PC Magazine for all you technologically advanced out there.  My husband reads his (sometimes!)

Scholastic Parent and Child sounds really great for parents of school aged children.

And, MotorTrend.  My husband loves this one!

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Jane said...

Again, thanks for all of the great ideas! I am looking forward to your albertsons post for the sale ad next week. When I see it I will leave a link on my blog to my readers. Thanks! You are awesome! Jane