Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Albertsons week of Oct 8-14

A few goodies this week.  Just a few, but worth the trip.

Arm and Hammer Detergent is BOGO.  Use 2 $1/1 coupons. Buy the 2 detergents and get 1 Essentials cleaner free.  Use one $1/1 coupon for the cleaner 'starter kit' and send for your full rebate (use rebate in last sundays paper).  Total for these 3 items? 19 cents!!

6.39 (1st det.)
-$1 coup
free( 2nd det)
-$1 coup*
3.19 (essentials cleaner)
-3.19 back at register
- $1 coupon*
-3.19 mail in rebate
= .19

*not all cashiers will take a coupon on a 'free' item (but mine did!!)

Also the Valley Fresh Steamers are .99 this week.  Works great with all the $1 coupons from recent inserts and the printables HERE.   

The Albertsons Pop is also 1.79 per 12 pack.  A good enough deal I think. (my husbands caffeine fix)

Coffee Mate Creamer is 1.67 and $1/1 coupons can be found HERE.

(But be careful, not all cashiers will take these if the register beeps as the price of the coupon is over the value of the product.  My last of 10 coupons beeped and she just wouldn't give it to me, but I was okay with that because I had some catalinas to use up and paying for one wasn't that big of a deal.  If she had turned more down I would have requested not to purchase the items and gone back later to a different cashier.  I have found the younger ones push the coupons through more often. I mean hey, the store will get reimbursed for the full dollar so whats the big deal???)

Happy Shopping!


Vicky S. said...

I used to work at Albertson's as a supervisor. If the coupon is over the item price the cashier is supposed to give you the coupon for the item price and not give you a penny. So it the steamers is .99 and the coupon is 1.00 then they should still have done the coupon at .99 and written it on the coupon. They shouldn't have rejected the coupon. Take your receipt and the coupons to the service desk and demand your .99 for each one. You shouldn't have to take it because the checker is too lazy to key the coupon in manually.

Erin said...

Thank You!! I wondered why the cashiers explanation didnt make sense.

Christina said...

Well I was gonna suggest that you could put 11 on the belt with 10 coupons and it would even out. But I see Vicky knows the system better. I will be sure to do this! AND...I make sure I go Monday mornings when a VERY helpful checker works with me:-)

The Keevy Family said...

I got 6 steamers for free too! Sweet deal!