Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thrifty Stain Remover


Yes, RIT Dye.  There are a few items of clothing in our house that I have been unable to remove stains from.  One item being a really flattering cotton peasanty type blouse from Banana Republic, as well as a few baby items that has baffled me equally.

I decided to give dying a go.  I figured, whats to loose?  

I bought the dye at Michaels (craft store) for under $2, I think it was on a 30% off sale or something, affordable in my book.  I then brought it home and followed the directions, pretty close.  My chosen method was to simmer my clothing in a large pot (my soap pot!) as my washer is a front load and that 'easy' method was out.

The parts of this where I failed to follow directions were; the part where it said to add 1 full cup of salt.  Well, I dont think we have a full cup on hand so I just added about 1/2 cup.  And, it said one packet of dye per every 3 yards of fabric, bah, thats only a suggestion!!  I crammed that sucker full.  

I did stir throughout most of the process as recommended and added the Tbs of detergent (strange???) to my brew.  Regardless, my clothing came out a little 'tye dyed' looking (not counting the socks and pants I actually tye dyed), but, I think they all look really good!

After my 30 minute timer went off I carefully removed the clothing items to the sink with tongs so I could reserve what dye was left.  Strangely, the second batch dyed a lot lighter (see tank top in photo).  It it almost an entirely different color.  Its as if the clothing sucked the dye right out of the water.  Fascinating. 

This picture only shows a portion of what I dyed with one packet.  All items included;
2 onsies
2 bibs
1 baby pants
1 baby polo
1 baby socks
1 large washcloth
1 tank top
1 peasant blouse
2 underwear
1 nursing bra (okay, I was just looking for things to dye at this point!)

Not bad for under $2!!

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The Keevy Family said...

What a great idea! You are so creative! I would of cut up the clothing for dust cloths. I like this better. :) Good for you.