Saturday, October 11, 2008

Always time for a great garage sale!

We are really busy moving this weekend but I spotted a great garage sale on Craigslist and just had to go.  I got going early, swung by to pick up my mom and headed to the next town to a really nice garage sale.  

I got my first Ergo!!  Here is the exact one I just got!!  It was in the package and the lady said she barely used it.  I love it already.  For those who know me I am faithful to my Slinglings baby sling, I have been using it since her birth.  But I have been ready for a soft pack again (the Baby Bjorn was great when she was tiny) as the hip-carry position gets a little tiring after a while.  Anyway, the asking price was $50, which is a steal, the cheapest I could find used on-line was about $85 (new $105).  I didn't even consider talking the price down as I heard a few other women ask if it was still for sale.
We also got a few other fun things, my mom got a huge stack of board books at .25 each and some other great toys.  I spotted these wood toys (total for these 3.50!!) and cant wait to see her use them in a few months (age recommended said 18 months).

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