Saturday, October 4, 2008

Super Sunday!

Well, its back.  
With a little break from Super Sample Sunday after my reliable reader stopped blogging I have decided to bring Super Sample Sunday back.  With a few changes.

Normally I only post my Free Samples for the week.  I would keep the weeks mail freebies in a bag in the coat closet until the end of the week, take a picture, then post it.  I had a few readers who would join in from time to time and it was really fun to see what each other got.
3 magazines in the mail this week.  No coupons or samples, huh...

To change things up and allow more people to comment or leave a link I will expand this to all free items you have gotten during the week.  In the mail, at the store, from a friend, a dark alley, ect.
We had wanted some lawn chairs for our huge porch at our new home but didn't have the money to buy anything right now (priorities).  While I decided to stop at a garage sale on my way home from the store the other day I noticed 3 stacks of chairs at the end of a driveway marked 'free'.  I was so thrilled.  I picked out 4 green ones that matched each other.  I was so excited to set them up and show my husband, now we can sit and enjoy the view!

I would love to see (or hear) what everyone else 'works' for during the busy week.  This should be fun!

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