Friday, October 24, 2008

I won I won I won I won!!

So I get this call earlier today from our Real Estate Agent telling me that the buyers of our house called her....(my heart sinks to my stomach.  What, did something happen to the house?  Are they not happy with it, oh no, oh no, oh no...) state that they received a FedEx in our name.  Oh, okay.  Thank God.

My husband volunteers to swing by the old place and pick it up while getting our friday night pizza(more on that later).  When he brings home the package I discover that it is addressed to me.  Whaaaat?  So I open it and this is what I discover;

What a huge surprise!  I am still excited and I cannot wait to try some of these products!! Thanks Nivea!

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The Keevy Family said... so deserve it!!