Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Albertsons week of July 16-22nd

Albertsons has some deals this week.  Heres how I see it;

10 for $10 -$3= .70 each!
Kraft BBQ sauce
Kool Aid Burstin Waters 6 pack
Kraft Jet Puff marshmallows
Taco bell seasoning
Kraft Easy Mac cups
Jello pudding or gelatin
Taco Bell refried beans

5 for $10 -$3= $1.40
Kool Aid jammers 10 pack
Kraft squeeze mayo or Miracle Whip
Taco Bell Fiesta Bowl
Taco Bell Salsa
Nabisco Snak Sacks (cookies)
Jello Singles

4 for $10 -$3= 1.75 each!
South Beach cereal Bars
Kraft Mac and cheese Crackers
South Beach living Entree sign up for coups here
Kraft Salad dressing
Planters peanuts
Crystal Light ready to Drink 4 pack
Kraft BagelFuls
Post Cereals (HBO, Shredded Wheat, ect.)
Grey Poupon mustard
Kraft Easy mac cups
DiGiorno or California Kitchen for One
Velveeta Shells and cheese or Kraft Deluxe

3 for $10 -$3= 2.34 each
Kraft miracle whip or mayo
Tombstone pizza
Capri sun 100% juice
Family size Nabisco crackers
Yuban coffee
Tazo tea or chai concentrate
General Foods Intl instant flavor coffee

10 for $10
Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes
Pasta or Rice-a-Roni .50 coupon here
Albertsons Burger or Hotdog buns
Albertsons Baked beans
Albertsons pasta
Sylvania light bulbs
Soyjoy, Cliff, Balance or Luna bar (have coupons from recent paper insert?)
Poweraid (use last weeks .75 coupon)
Homelife napkins
Rosarita refried beans
Albertsons can fruit
John Morrell meat franks, sausage rolls or franks

Blueberries 1 pint 2.99
Peaches, plums or Nectarines 1.99 lb
Leaf Lettuce .99
Mini watermelon 3.99
Walla Walla onions .99 lb
Red or Green grapes 1.99 lb
Cucumbers .79
Tomatoes on the vine 1.99 lb
mangos .99
Red Cherries 2.99 lb

Have you seen any good deals?  Or any matching coupons?  Share that knowledge for everyones benefit!!

Check out BeCentsAble for more grocery deals!

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Hi there,
I run a blog at centsiblesavings.com, and I am trying to compile a list of store deals where everyone can find the deals for their store each week. I was wondering if you would mind if I link to your Albetson's deals every week. Feel free to take a look around the site and see what you think. If this would be all right with you, could you email me at centsiblesavings@yahoo.com? Thanks very much for your time!