Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week I will be focusing on extremely healthy meals.  We are back from our vacation and ready to detox!!  (and inch toward my weight loss goal)
And I think I will start planning all 7 days from now on!  I am really enjoying this planning ahead thing!

Wheat Berry Minestrone been wanting to use my wheat berries!
Kalamata Rolls (left over from vacation)
Green salad from the garden

Vegetable Yakisoba I made this before, it is really good!
Steamed fresh peas from the garden
Green salad w/ canned oranges, almonds and ginger dressing

Frozen burritos w/ mole sauce
veggie tray
Corn  tortilla chips and salsa

Pasta Bake
Green salad from the garden

Pizza night (I may do vegan pizza- cheeseless!)
Veggie Tray w/ simple Tofu Dip

Tacos (bean)
Lots of veggie toppings
Chips and salsa

Indian Curry (we use Trader Joes sauce w/ veggies)
Brown rice
Spicy Indian Potatoes (we made this on vacation, soooo good!)


Sandra said...

I Love Curry :)

Menu Plan is Up

happyathome said...

Indian food is my absolute favorite! I traveled to India several years ago and had a great time, not to mention all of the food was exrta spicy!
Stop by my menu and a chance to win some Hansen's Natural Sparkling Water to go with all of the food we are planning!

Kiy said...

Great menu, looks like a fun week. We are big yakisoba fans, I am going to give your recipe a try. My only problem is, a source for soba (and udon) noodles! We moved to a smaller area and I am having no luck at all finding that kind of thing.

Have a great week!

~yolanda said...

Great menu. I have a vegan creamy mozzarella cheese recipe that I use for pizza if you are interested.

kamailesfood said...

Nice, diverse menu! :) Your leftover kalamata rolls sound good. I love kalamata olives (which I'm assuming are in the rolls...).