Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frugal Vacationing.

How I take a thrifty vacation.

We are going to go on vacation next week and I am soooo excited!  This year we are going to go on a trip with my parents, brother and step sister.  My parents belong to a timeshare-type resort group, so the room is already paid for.  We will be driving 6 hours to get there and as we have a baby now, will be taking our own car.  We are on a budget (and so are they somewhat) so making most meals in is a go.  

Transportation; gas, will be the biggest expense appx; $200 total
Room and Board; free, thanks to my parents
Food; we will bring most of our food already purchased with our monthly food allowance, the rooming is equipped with a full kitchen
Treats; I have set aside snacks and goodies that I have purchased with sales/coupons. Junk food is so much more fun on vacation!
Eating out; we will have appx 2-3 dinners out, 2 lunches and a few snacks.  I have alloted $100.
Activities; we are planning to go see the local sites, spend time at the lake and do lots of window shopping when we aren't hanging out at the lodge.  My husband may play a round of golf (if his clubs fit in the car!!) and that would add $60 + $10 for a snack/drink.  I would then have $30 to spend shopping on a girls day.

Total for trip; $400

Not bad for a seven day vacation!
Share your vacationing tips with me!!  I would love any great ideas to make this even more fun!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

We went to the beach recently. In order to keep expenses to a minimum we gave our kids a strict budgetted amount of money. They each were given $50.00. Not a penny more. When we were out and about--we did not get nickled and dimed by them---if they wanted something--like junky overpriced stuff or candy---I would say "You have your money with you right?" They often thought twice about wether the junky over priced toy was worth it or not.

Funny how when it's their money it seems harder for them to part with it than mine.

Before we ate out--I phoned all the area seafood buffet places and found out by phone where my kids could eat free or nearly free with the purchase of an adult meal. So call before you eat out---you might find some good deals with the coupons at the tourist shops.

Erin said...

Wow, great ideas, thanks. I really like the vacation spending allowance for the kids. I will certainly use that in the future!