Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our hike

(view from the top)

Our vacation is going wonderfully.  So far we have done a number of frugal activities.  We took a 3 mile hike. (free of course, and so was the parking!) It was quite a steep hike and very hot.  When we got to the top of the 'mountain' we saw a great view of the lake and the area surrounding.  
(much needed rest)

The 2nd picture I have shown is us taking a little break half way up the hill.  I am wearing the baby pack and you cannot see Sydneys face (we have decided to protect her privacy and will not post pictures of her for the public to see).  The backpack we bought off Craigslist just a week ago and it was a great investment.  We did not discover till we reached the top that unzipping the backpack attachment would lighten the load a TON!  We had to switch the pack back and forth on the way up because it was so heavy.  With the cargo pack taken off and worn separately she is a breeze to carry, I guess we packed too much!
All in all it was a fun hike and we got a really great workout! 

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