Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whats my deal??

Okay, I've been sooo busy!  Returning from vacation, taking care of my baby, coming to an agreement on the house price/addendum....Oh, and I made a batch of soap!  I have the Albertsons deals posting less than half done and should be able to finish it here momentarily, assuming my daughter stays asleep for more than 15 minutes!  She has not been sleeping much lately.  She sleeps well with us at night, waking maybe 2-3 times per night for a total of 10 hours.  But daytime naps by herself???  They have been almost non-existent, from 2 minutes to 20 at the very most.  She has never been a big napper, maybe just once had a 2 hour nap..... But, thats a story for another day....

How much I have loved having all 7 days planned out for our dinners.  I also made sure when I did my grocery shopping that I would have all ingredients for the entire week (a first for me!) and my goodness did it come in handy.  With all going on, I know I can throw together a healthy and well organized dinner without effort, what a lifesaver!! 

And...... the greatest news.....  we had the inspection on our prospective home today and it went great!  No surprises and the inspector even said how great of a deal we were getting on such an impressive and high quality home!!  That is so exciting for us.  What a dream to raise our daughter in such a nice house.  I really feel like someone was watching over us for this deal, what a blessing.  Next step, paperwork, then its ours!!

Okay, time to catch up on email, finish Albertsons posting and go read my favorite blogs!!  Oh, and catch up on the newest freebies!!  Yippee!

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