Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frugal Friday; cheap baby food

This week I discovered a super cheap and easy to prepare baby food.

I try to make it a priority to feed my daughter only organic baby food. As we all know organic can be very expensive. I am a big fan of boiling down my own organic produce, pureeing it and storing it in jars for my daughter. This is a great way to save some money but is a bit time consuming.

This week I purchased (with a coupon and sale, of course!) a jar of organic applesauce. I mixed the apple sauce with some organic baby oats and water, poured it into jars and tossed them in the freezer. I got about 8 2nd size jars worth of food, costing me appx .25 each and only taking seconds of my time!! That is a super deal for organic food packaged in safe glass containers (I wont buy the cheaper organic in plastic).


Bloggin' Mama said...

I love making my own baby food! We are currently awaiting #3 in Sept. so it'll be about 8 more months before I'm doing that again.... but I make about 85% of everything I feed my kids until they are old enough to start table foods. Have you tried freezing it in ice cube trays? Then once it's frozen, all you have to do is take it out and store it in double ziplocs. This way you can take out just the amount of cubes you need to thaw (same as with jars) but the bags don't take up quite as much space in the freezer as the jars do. I love this method and I can freeze more at once (using appx. 6-8 trays) than I can fit in my freezer using jars.

mustbekarmah said...

Neat idea. I've never frozen in glass jars though. I am wondering if there is any problems with expansion and the glass breaking.

Erin said...

Good idea for the ice trays, although I am lucky enough to have a big freezer in my basement for things like this, but I imagine most of you dont and would love this idea!

And, no, I have never had a problem with the glass breaking, I dont fill the jars up all the way, I leave a tiny bit of room at the top. At night I will place a few in the fridge to thaw and when i re-heat I stick them in a pan of hot water for a bit.