Saturday, July 5, 2008

Show and tell Saturday.

I did 2 grocery trips this week.  My first stop was the Commissary where I really  stocked up on a bunch of food we needed and filled the freezer a little.  I spent $98 there, saved $24 in coupons and tons in great Commissary reduced prices.
The next day I went to Albertsons and got a ton of grapes, some pantry staples and tons of Albertsons brand pop.  The cases were only 1.25 each and my husband(and my brother) drinks this garbage (usually one a day), so we will be stocked up for a long time!!  I also used a Wild Harvest $1 coupon for some organic applesauce, making it after sale just $2, not bad.  As you can see I also got almost 6 pounds of grapes, Yum! All for 21.18

This months total; 120.80
My goal (with brother staying w/ us) under $300

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