Tuesday, July 22, 2008

its cloth diaper week!

I just did a little reading on BabyCheapskate and was super excited to hear that it is Cloth Diaper Week! You know I am a huge cloth diaper fan. Not only are they environmentally responsible but even the most expensive BumGenius diapers will end up being cheaper than disposables in the long run!

Ironically, we have decided to go with disposable diapers for our vacation this week and boy do I feel a little bad! I did purchase only one pack of the Seventh Generation for her, at least they are a little better for us all. Though they will still sit in a landfill for hundreds of years I am happy they contain no bleach or harmful and toxic chemicals and scents. It was just was not convenient to do cloth on our trip. I do hate the way they smell though and I know I am also at risk of her getting diaper rash, but one week is not the worst thing in the world. Soon we will have her home in her cozy BumGenius!

Anyway, BabyCheapskate will be giving away 10 BumGenius diapers this week, so all you die hard cloth diaper fans do check out their website as they will be posting the giveaway any day!

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