Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Commissary Deals Pac NW

I visited my Commissary yesterday and got some really great deals.  Here are the highlights below;

Barilla pastas .99 (some 1.09) (use .50/2 coupon from paper insert)
Muir Glen 28oz whole tomatoes mark down to .50!!  (this is a steal esp with $1/1 coupon)
Hunts ketchup 36oz 1.09 (use .20 coupon from paper)
Snyders pretzel nibblers 2.11 (use $1 coupon from paper)
Zatarains rice/meal boxes 1.29 (recent coupon was .50/2??)
Kraft Mayo big tub 32oz marked down 2.00
Starkist Albacore tuna 1.05 (use 1/2 coupon from recent insert)

Breyers Ice Cream marked down to 2.29 (lots of choices)
Eskimo Pie 12 count snack sized ice creams 1.99 (use $1 coupon)
Boca burgers 2.00
Morning Star steak/chicken strips 2.80 (use .75 coupon from paper)

bananas .59 lb
green beans 1.28 lb
green bell peppers 1.64 lb (appx .55-.60 each)
red grapes 1.36 lb
D Anjou Pears .94 lb
organic peeled carrots small bag 1.28
gala apples 1.50 lb

Also, they do carry the Land O Frost lunch meat, so bring your Free Coupons!

Let me know if you saw any great deals at your Commissary!!

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