Thursday, November 20, 2008

30 day Vegans

We have decided to stick to a 100% healthy vegan diet for the next 30 days.

Well, actually we've already started Saturday, just planning to go through the weekend, but thought it best to do this for a whole month.

Usually we eat 'almost vegan'.  I cook primarily vegan with the exception of parmesan cheese and light sour cream, my two favorites.  We also do have cheese on our pizza on fridays, sometimes ice cream and other treats containing dairy on occasion.  I don't touch meat, and due to mercury/breastfeeding concerns no seafood for me as well. (don't worry, I do take a hight quality fish oil supplement) 

My husband does have some meat and dairy when he buys lunch during his workdays when I don't get time to make him a healthy sack lunch.  We also have been eating a large amount of treats lately.  Be it Halloween candy, goodies when guests are in town, lots of birthday cakes and other yummy indulgences as well.

We are going to swear off all dairy (99%, I won't worry about milk powder in prepared breads and the like), stay away from sugar and desserts, and keep excess fat out of our diets.  All this for 30 days.  We are both excited to see the results.  

I have a few more pounds I want to shed to make some of my pre-baby (and pre-secretary jobs!) clothes fit better.  I am so excited that I can once again fit into some really nice pairs of pants I bought just 6 years ago and just 2-3 pounds more and they will actually look right!!  Thus feeds my desire to lean down a bit.

My husband will continue working out 2-3 times per week after work, as he has started to do a few weeks ago.  I have started to do yoga in my living room (with daughter laughing at my feet) last week.

Wish us luck and I will share our progress and some really, REALLY healthy recipes.

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Vicky S. said...

Good luck on the 30 days. I bet you'll see a difference from cutting out the dairy.
Us the hubby, and boys can't seem to give up the meat. Me I could be happy just being semi and cutting out the beef and pork. Can't wait to see how you feel, and all.