Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thrift store buys

My favorite thrift store had a 50% off sale today.  I am on their email list and get notified a few days before big sales, so had been planning to go today.  This sale included probably 80% of their total items for sale.  

I was able to get some things we really needed for our little one for super cheap prices.  Many items were just $1.  The most expensive things were the shoes; 2 were $3.75 a piece and, ironically, the best quality, the Buster Browns, were only $2.  Oh, how I love a good bargain!!

11 board books
3 bath toys
2 bath mitts
1 cow stackable toy
11 pairs of quality socks (many Baby Gap)
4 pairs of jammies (one Hannah Anderson!!)
3 pairs shoes
1 pair short overalls (for next summer, I can't resist the dollar rack!)

All in all I spent $42.  You could say our Christmas shopping is done now!!


SavingSomeGreen said...

Hey! Love your blog so much, I gave you an award. Check it out here http://savingsomegreen.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-award-woo-hoo.html


The Keevy Family said...

Great deals! What store is it?