Sunday, November 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We will be going out of town for Christmas this year and seeing family we haven't seen in a while.  I just dug out my 'nice clothes' today to see if any fit, they are all pre-baby and some even pre-secretary-sit-on-my-butt-for-8-hours-a-day jobs.  I was really happy to discover that I fit in just about everything.  There are a few pairs of pants I need a little 'help' fitting into, to actually look good, so, we will be eating very, very healthy for the next month.  Oh, and my husband wants to drop a couple of pounds as well, so he will be nothing but encouragement for me!

Very, Very Healthy Menu Week One

Irish Potato Soup  (this is leftover in the freezer, it was very good)
100% WW bread in the machine (I also made this last week, it is awesome!!)

Summer Fettuccine from my McDougall Quick and Easy Cook Book
Green Salad

Potato Enchiladas from McDougalls
side of beans and rice

No Hurry Vegetable Curry from my favorite Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker

Pizza night Vegan style (no cheese, extra veggies)
green salad

San Antonio Quinoa Salad from McDougall
Leftover potato enchiladas or tacos

Chili in the crock pot

grocery list;
white flour
corn tortillas
green onions
garbanzo beans?
better than boullion


The Keevy Family said...

I love that you post your menu plan! I make a menu plan but I don't post it. I am glad you have a good recipe for WW bread, I have been looking for one. Is the pizza crust one you have tried before? Just wondering how you like it.

Anonymous said...

I will have to try the tofu sour cream!

Feeling Frugal Fairy said...

I have a bunch of Potatoes in my pantry. That Irish Cream Of Potato Soup and your recipe for Tofu Sour Cream sound delicious! I'll have to try them. Maybe I'll put a dollop of the sour cream on top of the soup ;)TFS

Erin said...

Yes, I cannot live without my menu plan either. I enjoy posting it and I think it helps me stay 'honest' and not get takeout or something easy instead!

I have not tried the pizza crust recipe before. Generally I make white pizza crust but need to do more whole wheat. I will let you know.

I will try the sour cream in my leftover potato soup for lunch tomorrow. Why didnt I think of that?