Saturday, November 8, 2008

catch up on those freebies!!

Time to catch up on all those freebies I have just not taken the time to sit down and sign up for.  I got a couple of good ones in the mail this week and am planning to post them tomorrow for my Super Sample Sunday.  

Come back tomorrow to share your freebies this week with all of us!

Free Sleep Kit from Tylenol.  I got one months ago (pictured here), it was pretty cute.

Free Kirkland Signature diaper from Costco.

An Always Infinity pad sample from Walmart.

Another diaper, try Huggies from Walmart.

And, from Walmart again, a Free Ziplock Food Storage Bag.

Your free sample of Betty Crocker potatoes, yum.

And, if you haven't gotten your Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Up, they are still available..

Getting a puppy soon?  Eukanuba is offering a free Puppy Training Video and a $5 off coupon HERE.

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