Sunday, November 2, 2008

5.99 Family Dinner

Right now, when you purchase a pizza at Papa Murphys it comes with a Free Side Coupon (which requires a brief survey to receive said free product)  

The coupon lists two ways to get the required coupon code; by 800 number or on-line.  I have done both surveys and found the on-line version to be a little easier.  Each takes just a couple of minutes and is only about your recent experience with Papa Murphys.  You just simply write the code on your coupon and choose your free food.  Easy.

The free choices are; Cheesy bread, Cinnamon Wheel or Cookie Dough.

I have been combining this coupon with one of those great pizza coupons that come in the Val-Pack or the tuesday ads, my favorite being the 'Kids Special', a half pepperoni, half cheese for 5.99. 

Large Pizza; 5.99 +
Cheesy Bread ; FREE = cheap Friday night!!

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