Monday, November 10, 2008

Albertsons, one last time

Alright, I had to go just one last time.  I went to my moms to print out a few more coupons (thanks, guys!) and did two more transactions.  Now baby can eat Wheat Chex till the cows come home.

 The eggs you see there are from a Valpac ad/coupon for a local Red Apple grocer offering free eggs with a $25 purchase.  As we all know, Albertsons takes competitor coupons!  Your welcome, hon (my husband has been asking for eggs).

I spent $14.11 on all this.


Jaime said...

Good to know about them taking competitors coupons! Do you live in the Kitsap area? The Red Apple mention made me wonder. Not sure if they are in other areas as well! LOL

Erin said...

wow, Jamie, actually I am in the North Kitsap area, I can only think of one Red Apple here and I am about 5 minutes from it!!

Although, I do think they have some of the Red Apple chain in Seattle or surrounding areas...

Jaime said...

I'm in the same area. :) There is actually one in Silverdale as well not far from the mall and Target. Small world-I appreciate your blog! It has really helped me take advantage of some great sales!