Saturday, November 22, 2008

Really healthy Friday night dinner.

Day 7 of our Healthy, Healthy Vegan Month;

What a great dinner we had last night. The vegan pizza turned out really well, and I am a little surprised after the bread dough incident.

I made this great whole wheat pizza dough recipe for the first time in my bread machine. When the dough was done it looked bad. Very runny and had sunk a ton after rising. I took it out, and after some advice from my mother, kneaded some white flour back into it. Well, it was a little hard to work with, kept falling apart, but I'd say it was still a success as we loved it. I am not sure if I made a mistake or the recipe was not designed for a bread machine and thats what caused it. If I try it again I will let you all know!!

What did turn out wonderful was the pizza sauce I made. I figured since we were going to be cheese-less, then the sauce better be darn good. Hunts Pasta Sauce in a can just wasn't going to cut it. I did double the oregano and the garlic in the recipe and we felt that was a very wise choice, it was to die for. I am planning to make this again and freeze a bunch.

We snacked on a fresh veggie tray and water while we cooked. My husband even put some peanut butter down some of the celery for a special treat. Mmmmmmm...

Next were the cookies. I have been searching for a good vegan, sugar free, fat free, whole wheat cookie. Oh, and I wont use artificial sugar 'substitutes' either, not even Splenda (NOT natural, by the way). Of course I could not find what I wanted on the web, so I adapted a recipe and came up with some pretty wonderful Oatmeal Cookies. Half the batch had raisins, half did not. We preferred the raisin batch. My daughter loved them both the same (she is one). I did put a little sugar in them, 1/4 cup, but that is not terrible dispersed out between a couple dozen big cookies.

Here is my recipe. (or scroll down to previous post) Try them, they are so very quick and easy to make. I was done with the dough before the oven was even warmed up!!


The Keevy Family said...

Thanks for the heads up with the whole wheat pizza dough. If you make it again and want to share the recipe I would love to try it too.
By the way, good for you with the 30 day Vegan approach. I am not sure my family would go for that, but I am excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey, I tried the cookies last night and the flavor was wonderful! Marty, Sean & I ate half the batch! Well..there goes my diet. Even w/no fat, no sugar & vegan, well...I pigged out (sorry about that).
Your pizza looks wonderful. Sometimes I also use vegan pesto, bruschetta or tapendades sparingly in place of red sauce (as it has more fat) but the flavor is intensly delicious. Vegan parm & sometimes vegan cheese - Vegan Gourmet is also a good addition too, but is an expensive treat add on. Add artichokes, kalamatas, sundried tomatoes..and yummmm. oxoxxo