Thursday, November 6, 2008

success at last

Well, these pictures show my 6 Albertsons transactions I completed yesterday and today. It was by far the hardest I have ever worked to save money!! But, it was also the most I have ever saved as well. I put everything out on the counter but it was too much to fit in one pic, so you see three shots here.

I spent 32.46 total. I saved a whopping $283.56.

yeah, wow.

My trip to Albertsons this morning was nothing short of painful. I went to one of my favorite cashiers as I knew she would make my visit as easy as possible. When she rang me up, my items didnt produce a catalina. Aarg! She didn't understand why and got some help. Finally after a long time spent by the eager-to-help staff running around the store checking all my items, ect, we discovered that the Lipton Teas were not scanning properly. Finally, everything was straightened out and I got my real catalinas.

The cashiers and help staff were so nice to me and truely wanted to figure out the problem together. They took such great care of me. I am certainly going to send a thank you as well as let the Store Director know. (one of them actually commented on how sorry she was that I had to deal with the mean Manager the previous day, when I asked about the '1 catalina rule per day' I was told said manager made that up because she was being mean!!)

I took those catalinas to my old Albertsons as fast as I could and had a very quick and successful go at it there.



Bloggin' Mama said...

Wow! I envy your patience and determination to get what you went for. I also admire your ability to figure it all out. I've only started the coupon game in the last 6 months and I'm getting better, but I still don't get the awesome deals that you get. Some of that has to do with a newborn and NO BRAIN, though...

Rachael said...

great trip! I am thinking of having my hubby hook up our laptop to our printer so I can print more coupons. Otherwise I am out! This is such a great promo...I hope they do it again soon:)

Erin said...

Rachael- that will only work if you have dial-up service. Most coupon companies, like Bricks, go by your IP address and that does not change no matter how many computers or printers you have in your house if you have a faster speed internet service. So, basically it is tracked by your service provider, kind of. Big bummer, I know.

(my husband is an IT guy, so he knows all this stuff. We have more than one computer and 2 printers but I still can only print once, too)

I go to my moms and print coupons there!!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the tip Erin!

Anonymous said...

Erin - I can't believe how much you were able to purchase and pay so little. What a shopper! Diana

kathy said...

IN your opinion, does ALL detergent work as well as TIDE?

Erin said...

Kathy, funny you should ask. Actually I have a front load washer and am only supposed to use HE detergents but put anything and everything in them, favoring Seventh Generation, ECOs or anything natural. Do I think one works better than another? Not really. I always pre-treat my stains with whatever I have a coupon for and dye any clothing items that look ruined.

Im just not particular enough to notice or care I guess!! Funny how these little things make us all different.