Thursday, November 6, 2008


What a Huge ordeal at Albertsons yesterday.  The catalina machine was not working properly and only gave me my first catalina.  I was told the machines were to be fixed after 1 pm.  I went back to the store and tried 2 more transactions but to no avail.  I was given $15 credit instead to only use in that store.

Long story short I was told;

1. I may have been over my coupon limit. ( whaaaat? I had 9 coupons to 10 items purchased)

2. I was limited to ONE transaction per day to get catalinas. (is that new as of this week???)

I have a hard time believing these, and after a very negative experience yesterday (the manager was rude to me and I was so nice and sweet, I am very sensitive!!)  I have just emailed a letter to Albertsons Corporate.  Hopefully I can get some answers this time.  If we remember the Coupon Policy I was sent last time, we recall no helpful information what-so-ever.

If there is a limit on coupons we can use I need to know.  And if the catalinas will now only print once per day per customer I also need to know.  I have done many deals in the past and gotten many catalinas in one day.  So, what is the problem???

(so this is what I get when I search google images for 'angry shopper'.  I so needed a good laugh!!)


Londa said...

Just curious,

Are you planning on attempting Albertsons again today? I was all ready to go until I read your post and now I am a bit hesitant to go..

From your experience, do you know if you can receive more that one Catalina per purchase? Say you spend $60 in one transaction, will they give you two Catalinas or only one? Any advice after yesterday's experience?



SavingSomeGreen said...

I had a great experience at Albertson's yesterday. I went to two separate Albertson's and both transactions were just fine and dandy. The catalinas will print 3 $5.00 coupons and I was able to use them on a second transaction and get 3 more. Bummer - I hate being made to feel like a criminal for using coupons!!!!!! Sorry you had a bad experience :(!

The Keevy Family said...

I am sorry you had such trouble! That kind of thing puts me in such a bad mood too! What is their deal? They get paid back for the coupons!!

Dawn Rae said...

The catalina didn't print out for me either. I was in the express lane with two crying kids, trying to get mine. They finally just gave me a $15 gift card. All the employees were very helpful and nice, although a little clueless. You would think they would have a meeting to discuss the sales of the week! Anyway, I got my "deal" back, but am a little hesitant to try it again...It kind of takes away your shopping "high" if you have to fight for it!

Erin said...


I just got off the phone with Albertsons Customer care. After a looong time on the phone I found out that my local store does only allow 1 transaction per Albertsons member (by Albertsons Card) to receive promotions (or, a catalina).
She had to call my local store, seems they have chosen to have this policy.

I had not run into this problem previously because before I moved I usually would go to the Albertsons in the next town. It is now only about 15 minutes away. I think I may go there from now on.

Anyway, she said there is nothing wrong with my coupon usage, one per item is fine.

SO, I will go to 'my local' Albertsons this morning, spend my hand written catalina on groceries and take my real catalina to my old favorite store!!

I do encourage you all to keep going to your Albertsons as normal. If you encounter a problem just take it to customer service. They can't stop our grocery shopping if we haven't done anything wrong!!

Thanks for all your support!

Olivia said...

Ok, I know this is a stupid question... but what is a catalina? I'm lucky, there is a Winco close by and they are cheaper than any store!


Erin said...

Londa- I believe you can only get one catalina per transaction. Many cashiers dont mind if you have 2 transactions set up on the belt. Using your first to pay for your second. My favorite method is just taking my stuff to the car and going back in for another round. I find that less stressful.

Olivia- No, its not a stupid question! I dont even know where the name Catalina came from. Catalinas are basically like gift certificate coupons to be used on your next order. They print out on a machine next to the one that prints reciepts. It uses a similar paper as well. Some print out as your merchandise is being scanned, some not till you pay. They dont print out till you pay for this current deal now.

I suggest you lay everything out before you go to the store, make a specific list, matching any coupons you may have. When you go be sure to bring the ad with you and when you shop be sure to pay special attention to every item you grab.

This week, look for the big white tag that say the items apply to the $30/ $15 deal attached to the price of what you will be buying. Some flavors of some things aren't part of the deal. I just found out today that the progresso soup only offers 4 or 5 choices for the deal, but has about 20 kinds on the shelf.

Also, bring back up coupons for other items if what you are planning to buy is already bought up. That happens a lot to me.

If you don't get your catalinas, be sure to show the cashier the ad and ask why or go to customer service. Don't leave without them!!