Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Albertsons week of June 18-24

red, green or black seedless grapes .99 lb
tomatoes on the vine 1.49 lb
watermelon .49 lb
cantaloupe .79 lb
honeydew .79 lb
peaches or nectarines 1.99 lb
jazz apples (jazz?) 1.99 lb
cucumber .69 each
avocado medium 1.29 each
potatoes 5lb bag 1.99
green or red leaf lettuce 1.29
broccoli crowns 1.69 lb
Wild harvest 1 lb peeled baby carrots 1.99 (use $1 Wild Harvest coupon here in ad)

Sara Lee whole grain white or wheat 2 for $4
Sara Lee whole grain burger or hot dog buns 2 for $4
Sara Lee classic white or wheat burger or dog buns 2 for $5
Sara Lee 100% whole wheat or multigrain bread 2 for $5
Fresh Baked cinnamon rolls BOGO (save 2.39)
Fresh Baked croissants BOGO (save up to 2.99)
Rocky Mountain bagles 6ct BOGO (save up to 2.99)
Fresh Strudel bites or turnovers BOGO (save up to 3.99)

Buy 2 gallons milk (including Soy, organic or chocolate) and get up to 5 boxes general mills cereal for 1.19 each.
Mission tortilla chips 2 for $6 (use recent .75 coupon)
Campbells soup 10 for $10
Campbells select soup BOGO
Nabisco 100 cal packs 2 for $6
Pepperidge Farm 100 cal packs 2 for $6
Buy 2 orville Redenbacher 3pack popcorn and get 2 Alb 2-liters of soda free (or .75 each)
Kellogs deal; Spend $20, save $5 at register.  This includes; Blueberry MiniWheats cereal, Smart start cereal,  cereal straws, Grab and go Packs and Pop Tarts (or 1.50 each)

Hot Pockets, lean pockets or panini BOGO (save up to 2.99)
Bagelfuls BOGO (2.79)
South beach Living entrees BOGO (3.29)
Kim and Scotts gourmet pretzels BOGO (6.49)
Albertsons Burritos BOGO (.69)
Albertsons Mike and Ike or Hot Tamales Popsicle BOGO (3.19)
Alb whole strawberries 16 oz BOGO (3.29)
Alb whipped topping (whip cream) BOGO (1.59)
Alb Waffles BOGO (2.49)
Flav R Pac frozen veggies BOGO (save 2.19)
Alb French fries BOGO (3.25)

Buy 2 country crock margarine(priced 2 for $3) get free eggs (up to 2.50)

Also note this advertisement contains one $1 off any Wild Harvest product (valid till 6/24).
What have you used your coupons on?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here are the deals I am going to do this week:

Tony's Pizzas are 3 for $5 ($1.67 ea...a great price)
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salads are $1.00 and there are $0.50 off two coupons out from a newspaper insert making the $0.75 each.
I also saw at my store that Pudding Singles are also on the $1.00 wall and there are $0.50 off one coupons from the SS insert.

Have a great day!