Friday, June 13, 2008

Frugal Friday.

My Diaper investment.  I just received the last of my BumGenius diapers this week and I was sooo excited.  These are the last 6 of my set of 24.  Now we never have to buy diapers again, ever. And now I should have to do a diaper laundering only every 5 days or so. Yippee!  

They are quite pricey to get into but worth it.  I figured the cost was equal to 6 months of buying Pampers with coupons and sales (we don't have CVS here, so no free diapers).  I have been using them already for 4 months and am in love with them.  They are such wonderful quality and hold way more than Pampers ever did!  The microfiber wicks moisture away so she doesn't get diaper rash.  Plus they have snaps on them to expand the size so she will be able to wear them until she is potty trained.  If we have another child, no diaper buying!

Plus I feel so good knowing my dirty diapers are not sitting in a landfill for the next 200 years.  Love em, love em, love em!

(I sooo should be getting paid for this article!)


emily said...

Hey! I love those, too! I have an assortment of different brands and those are one of my top two favorite brands. I am hoping to purchase some more, as well!

the momma said...

Congrats on your stash!! You may want to reconsider only laundering every 5 days, though - leaving all that bacteria in the diapers that long could potentially leave you with less than pleasant results.....

happy diapering!

Alissa said...

I was just going to ask you how you find laundering every 5 days... I find mine a bit "ripe" after 3. lol.

Congrats on completing your diaper stash! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know you never have to buy another diaper again? :) Although sometimes the cloth diaper addiction can suck you in. >:)

Bloggin' Mama said...

I so wish I could afford a stash of those. Right now I'm using prefolds with covers, have some Mother-ease with snaps and a few WAHM made pocket AIO's.

Where did you find the best deal on them, if you don't mind sharing?

Erin said...

Thanks guys!

I will see how going 5 days goes for the odor, so far so good. I did buy a really high end garbage pail to use as a diaper pail from TJ Maxx. It had a ding in it so it was super cheap. It seals off the odor 100%, until of course, I open it. I do have a citrus stick up that I stuck on the inside of the lid to help as well.

I got mine at Cotton Babies. THey are the same price everywhere. I have researched them for months. Cotton Babies does offer free shipping on orders over a certain price, so I was able to take advantage of that. We bought 6 or so at a time to make it easier on us financially, although still insanely expensive! There are some used older models out there, but not many. Try Craigslist, choose large cities around the country for best results. If you can just get one at a time I think it would be worth it. Good luck!

Rachael said...

You'll have to report back with how they work...we are considering getting some "fancy" cloth diapers (we are using prefolds and plastic pants with our 8 month old) but don't know what to buy!

Vicky S. said...

I loved those things when my boys were babies. I was a tidy didy service mommy for the first few months. Then I got wise and got a whole bunch of my own cloth diapers. Well worth the expense it saved me money in the end. Once we figured out the lactose intolerance problem we had no more rash problems until I went back to work and the sitter would only use disposables.