Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, there is a very slight chance we will be able to get into a really fabulous house so we are spending every extra second this week preparing ours.  Due to a foreclosure (very sad) a really terrific house that would normally have been out of our price range may be a possibility, so bear with me as my blog posts may be sparse for the next few days.  Im sure we wont be able to get it, sounds like many people are bidding, but its worth a shot.


Albertsons looks really great this week.  I am going to link you to a great post by Sienna to check out the ad this week.  She has done a really great job and Im sure she wont mind the extra traffic.  Check it out here at NW Deal Mama.  Thanks Sienna!

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Sienna said...

Thanks for the link! No worries, I did the same thing with Safeway this week :) Good luck on the house!