Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

Just a couple this week, but really good ones!!

Earthbound Farms shopping bag, I love these, this will get used a LOT!!
Betty Crocker warm delights, hoping its yummy at just 150 calories.
Kraft Food and Family magazine, came with a Free salad dressing coupon!

I am happy with these freebies and happy that I didn't get a bunch of junk mail I didn't need or want.  All is good.

I would love to see what you got this week!!


Pamela said...

This was a good week for us too, in the rebate and freebies area!

Marin... said...

I meant to ask, where did you get the Earthbound Farms bag? Are they still avail?

Erin said...

No, I got if off their site months ago, I think before I even started blogging! I will keep an eye on them though, they do like to offer promotions on occasion!