Saturday, June 7, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

Not many for me this week!  But I'm okay with that!  Especially since I only request samples and freebies I know I will use.
What did I get?

2 Womans Day magazines (first of my new subscription)
Ready Made magazine
A really awesome pedometer
address labels

My favorite this week is the pedometer.  I have really been wanting one as I am now a stay at home mom and want to know how much I run around the house everyday.  The brochure says 2,000 steps is about a mile.  I opened up the mail at noon today(saturday) and put it right on.  Its 8pm and I have 2,867 steps so far.  Not too bad, especially since it is a saturday and I have sat around a bunch with the family.  Can't wait to see how the weekdays are!

What was your favorite sample or freebie this week?  Paste your link below so we all can see your samples and freebies for the week!  I always post only my freebies from the mail, but you are more than welcome to post any freebies you have gotten this week as well!


Bloggin' Mama said...

My favorite this week was the free Yoplait yogurt, my kids will appreciate having yogurt every day!!

April said...

That pedometer would be my favorite too! Where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

I know you said you only request samples you know you will use, but I request EVERYTHING. Here's why: There is almost always someone in my family or a friend I can pass a freebie onto if I personally can't use it. Also, freebies make great fillers for gift bags and baskets. Some groups of friends even set up freebie trade groups!
Great sampling! Talk to you soon,
Homemaker Barbi

Erin said...

April- I got mine from something tylenol was offering forever ago. Try this one from Cymbalta;

Thanks everyone for the posts! I love to see and hear about everyones goodies!