Monday, June 9, 2008


The good Freebies have been really scarce lately, here are the few decent ones I have found.

Free Flix dental stick, kind of a toothpick, kind of a floss...

For decorators, a free subscription to Decorative Arts magazine.

A $4 off Tyson Meal kit coupon for a very short survey.  Assuming you have used these kits before, if you don't have a UPC code handy just use 02718255991  

This free Pedometer is for people who use the drug Cymbalta. (although they wouldn't know any better if you're not...)

Well, those are the best I could do for right now!!  I hope something 'fits'!


Mason said...

The UPC code did not work. However, I found I didn't even need to enter one to do the survey.

Erin said...

Oh, weird. Sorry about that! Glad you figured it out!