Friday, June 20, 2008

Alright, I went to Walmart again...

I got a few good deals today at Walmart.  I always do get a little disappointed when I find out the deals in my town just are not as good as elsewhere in the country.  The Tava drinks were 2.98 here!!  And especially when I have my heart set on something and the store doesn't even carry it.  I know you've all had that happen as well.  Oh well.  But, they did have the day-old bread rack out!  Yippee!  That rack always makes the trip worth it!

All this for 14.59.  (coupon savings= $18.74!) Sure its not an Albertsons deal, but not bad for a last minute trip to the store for margarine!

2 bagels; day old for 1.13 each
whole wheat burger buns 1.20
dill french bread .90
cat food free w/ coupon
smart balance 2 for $3 - $1 coup= $1 each
HP paper 3.97- 3.00 coup = .97
Nally pickles 1.98- $1= .98 each
Cascadian Farm broccoli 2.12 - $1= 1.12 each
Oral B Floss .97- $1 coup= .03 profit
Gold Bond lotion .97- $1 coup = .03 profit
Cute tee shirt for my daughter $2 (okay, they got me on 1 splurge!)


Brenda said...

Great savings! I feel the same way about the Walmarts in my area -prices are usually higher than what is posted on different sites and they don't carry many of the same products. It is very frustrating sometimes!

Renee said...

I too have such a hard time with the high prices here in Pa. They are always the last to drop prices and I can never find what I the casacadian farms veggies.

You did really great. Sometimes a splurge like a teeshirt pans out when you are saving weekly.

Nice to meet you:)
Mama to four

Melinda said...

I'll have to chime in too and say my local Walmart prices are higher than what other bloggers post. There are also some items I cannot find at Walmart that others use coupons on. It is a bummer, especially if I print a coupon from online and then discover my Walmart does not carry the item.

Great job on your bargains!