Thursday, May 8, 2008

Frugal Friday

Todays Frugal Friday actually does cost a little bit of money.  So, only somewhat frugal, but still a good idea I think!  This would also make an excellent Mothers Day gift, get the kids to help out!
My idea is a project I that I had done a couple of years ago, I just thought of it today because I need to make more for my front porch.  I purchased cheap white planters at Lowes (Home Improvement store) and spray painted them with a mix of paints.  I would suggest using paint made for plastic as the regular spray paint I used is chipping a bit, but not too bad after a few years of use.

1. plastic planter ($5-7)
2. Krylon spray paint ($4 each)
3. dirt (free-$2)
4. plant (boxwood or hydrangea @ Home Depot are $3 right now)

When painting the planter, take it outdoors on newspaper.  Paint it first one solid color (maybe black) then as an option lightly paint the detailed portions while holding the can at a distance in a lighter color (bronze or brown).
Pop in a cheap plant and you have a very expensive looking addition to your yard!

(hope this made sense, its late and I am verrrry tired!)

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