Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gas and shopping

I have decided I really need to start figuring in the cost of my trip during my 'freebie' shopping.  This week I went to Walgreens to get a few of the great deals they have to offer.  I zeroed out my odometer before I left and discovered my trip took about 30 miles total.  Yikes.  Walgreens is the farthest I go to shop and is mostly highway there and back, thank goodness.
When I figure in my milage of about 26 mpg highway (18 city) and I use premium gas (darn european cars) at 4.37 a gallon (ahhhh!!!) it really adds up!

30 miles traveled divided by 26 = 1.15
1.15 x 4.37= 5.04 

So, my trip cost me 5.04.  Maybe I'll stick to Rite Aid from now on, it is about 10 miles round trip!

Its easy to figure your own;

miles traveled / average mpg= y
y x price of gas= total trip cost

To help cut down costs remember to combine your trips, carpool and don't speed!  

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