Friday, May 30, 2008

My good deals for the week

My first stop this week was Walgreens.  I did pretty well, although a bit disappointed I could not get our black ink cartridge re-filled.  We have a brand new HP printer, just got it this year, and the staff told me it was un-fillable.  I was really bummed out, but am over it now.  Oh, well.  I guess you cant win them all!  Otherwise, I did pretty well.  After all said and done I spent about $4.  Not bad keeping in mind the half case of printer paper was originally $12 (I got it for 2.59 after sale and rebate!)

Next is my Target shopping.  I only took a picture of my freebies as I was a little sad not to find all the great free items I have read about on everyones blogs.  I was able to get a few as well as redeem some of my 'free' coupons for the cat food and baby food, here they are.

I also hit up the commissary on Wednesday and got $83 dollars worth of food.  I was able to really stock up on some things as my daughter was in a fantastic mood and allowed me to really focus as well as spend lots of time shopping and matching coupons.  Thank you Sydney!

Interested in more inspirational buys this week? Check out Drugstore Divas at The Cent'sable Sawyer!


julie king said...

i am totally inspired by your blog and your wonderful efforts to get great deals and save the environment!!!! i'll be back to visit, for sure!!

Ryan & Erin Edwards said...

why don't you tell your loyal fans about your awsomw garage sale findings

Erin said...

Julie- thank you so much! I am flattered to hear I am an inspiration!

Ryan- thank you honey. Maybe I will!