Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bangor, WA Commissary Deals

I really got some steals today.  Many of the coupons I use are computer generated and I will try to link as many as I can!  If you dont have one and cant find it do let me know and I will help to research it!

Old El Paso refried beans .60 - .55 coupon= .05
Purina cat food 3.79 - 4.00 coupon= .21 profit!
Daisy sour cream 1.39 - .40 coup from newspaper= .99
Silk soymilk 2.89 - 2.25 coup here= .64
LiveActive Cheese sticks 2.70 - 2.00 coupon= .70
Betty Crocker Brownie mix .99-.40 coup= .59
Kashi Granola Bars 2.70- 2.00 coupon here= .70
Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes .99- 1.00 coupon =.01 profit
SueBee Honey 1.99 - 1.00 coup from paper= .99
Scrubbing Bubbles auto shower cleaner 13.99 - 10.00 coupon in paper=3.99


The Happy Housewife said...

Great deals!
Did you see the Goya beans on sale for $0.39? Also the Muir Glen pasta sauce for $0.69? I'm going tonight, I can't wait to get some of these great deals!

Marin said...

My best deals at the commissary yesterday (Tyndall AFB, FL) was the big box of Bisquick for $0.99 (I had a $1 manny) & 2 Gerber rice cereals with DHA for $0.48 each (I had 2 $2/1 coupons from the Gerber website). Woo hoo!

Erin said...

I dont think my commissary carries Muir glen pasta sauce, No fair!! I bet its really good too! I will look for the others though!!

Thanks guys! Its nice to talk to fellow Commissary Shoppers!

Rob and Erin said...

I found your blog from Happy Housewife and am loving it. There are a ton of deals and you have links to some coupons that I printed immediately. :) By the way, I used to live about 5 min from psns (and all my family is still there) and boy do I miss wa in the spring.


Erin said...

Rob and Erin-
Thanks! Im really glad you like my site, I really love blogging, who knew? I actually grew up here, yes, you are missing a lovely spring! Can you pictures the mountains right now, covered in snow?