Monday, May 5, 2008

To my pleasant surprise....

I logged on to my blog this morning to find that a reader has awarded me the Blog Award!  Thank you so much Melinda (from The Nest Egg)  I am so glad you enjoy my blog.
Now my job is to pick out 10, yes, only 10 blogs that I love the most!! (while feeding my daughter organic pureed bananas, you know, she just started cutting her first tooth last night, we are soooo excited!)
Well, here they are, 10 must read blogs, in no particular order;

1 Denise at the Cent'sable Sawyer who blogs full time and works full time!
2 Heather over at Freebies 4 Mom  has a really awesome site!
3 Crystal at Money Saving Mom, or did she invent the award?
4 Check out Angies blog Baby Cheapskate for the best deals around.
5 Jennifer at Sisterly Savings always has positive and upbeat writings on her blog.
6 Jessica and Erin have created a very informative blog over at the Bargain Banana.
7 Attention Target Shoppers is a dream site for all Target shoppers created by Ginger.
8 Anne-Marie over at the Soap Queen displays all her wonderful talents and stories.
9 Amy at Heathly Tot has some fantastic reviews and ways of life.
10 and Mod Mom, a really cool site with tons of giveaways.


Ginger said...

Thanks so much for my very first blogging award. Do you see me waving and smiling like Miss America? LOL I never know who is reading or what excites folks. Blogging is crazy fun though!


Erin said...

Youre welcome! We all love your site, it is a very important resource.
Yes, I can see you now on the back of the convertable waving your hand, crown a little askew with a huge grin ear to ear!

Jessica said...

I am a little behind the times in giving my thanks! I had no idea I had made this list until today (4 months later). Thank you so much! Summer is my slowest blogging time due to my job, but I back into it full swing, and I hope you will keep visiting my site.