Friday, May 30, 2008

Frugal Friday.

Stop wasting money on paper towels.  

With lots of company and family over I have realized that we have been going through paper towels like water these past few weeks.  Okay, not really that bad, but much faster than normal.  Generally a roll of paper towels will last 3-4 months at my house.  We really only use them when necessary; really yucky messes (ie; cat puke).  I have a drawer in my kitchen dedicated to cloth towels, napkins and rags.  We use these for everything you would generally use a paper towel for.  I keep a  small basket in the pantry (under the sink would work as well) to toss the dirty cloth towels and napkins in so clean up is as effortless as disposable.  We also have a cute napkin holder on the dining room table that is always full of clean cloth napkins.

I know some of you may be able to get your paper towels for super cheap, but here on the west coast I have rarely seen them under a dollar and that can really add up.  Even if they are free, what are we doing to the environment?  Sure they biodegrade, but they still sit in a landfill for some time and the chemicals and bleach used to make them are quite hazardous.  And why must we be so wasteful?

Lets save some money (and the planet) and invest in a bunch of cloth options, keep them in a napkin holder or a basket on your kitchen counter or dedicate a drawer within everyones reach.  If they are easy to grab nobody will mind.

I am going to put away my paper towel holder for good, find another option for the cat puke (tp?) and live solely without those wasteful paper towels.  Do you think you can do it?


Suzanne said...

I have tried and tried to cut back on paper towel usage, but I'm not having much luck! We do use cloth napkins, but I think I need to get/make some more dish cloths to have handy. It's so easy to grab a paper towel. Maybe if I hid them!

Erin said...

Yes, I plan to stick the single roll of paper towels I have left in the back of the pantry. Just make it as easy to grab a cloth towel instead, put a basket of cloth napkins where you used to keep paper towels. Stocking up is a necessary first though. You can do it!

April said...

I try to use paper towels for cleaning(including the ever so lovely cat puke). My problem is my kids. My son with take 2 dry a fork or his hands when there is a perfectly good towel right there. I think I might hide them in the basement and tell them that's the only roll we have, to take it easy.

Alexandra said...

Found your link on Biblical Womanhood ...

No, I didn't think I could leave paper towels behind. I use cloth for some cleaning, but still cling to paper napkins at meals and towels for a lot of little things.

But your post has me thinking! Seeing your napkin holder did inspire me. It's always easier for me to change my ways if I can find little tricks to make it seem more attractive.

I think if I find some pretty cloth towels and napkins, I will be well on my way. And, of course, a pretty napkin holder!