Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot deals at the Commissary!

Found some really great deals at my local Bangor Commissary!  Heres what I found;

Cucumbers .35 each

Some Fresh Express salad in bags 1.55

Big bags of regular spinach 1.39

5lb bags of yellow onions (medium-smallish) 1.50

Tomatoes on the vine 1.69lb (not real cheap, but they smelled sooo good)

Healthy Ones Lunchmeat 1.99 use recent 1.00 coupon from very recent paper= .99

Oscar Mayer Deli-Creations sandwich 2.00 use recent 1.00 coup= $1

Kikoman Pearl organic soymilk 1.14 minus .25 coupon on shelf= .89

Kashi crackers assorted 2.14- 2.00 internet coup= .14

Purina cat food 3.79- 4.00 net couo= .21 profit

Orville Redenbacher Natural popcorn 1.00- 1.00 paper coup= free

Old El Paso refried beans .60 minus net coup for .55= .05

Old El Paso Chipotle salsa 1.00, coupon on jar for 1.00/2= .50 each

Let me know if you've found any great deals!

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Marin said...

I got a couple good deals: