Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Albertsons week of May 28- June 3

Not looking so hot this week.  Maybe it'll be better next week, deals always seem good at the first of the month.  Do you think they plan that???  I think so!

Necarines .98lb  (the only item I would buy if I were going!)
Fresh mushrooms 1.99 package
Roma tomatoes 1.49lb
Red or Green lettuce 1.29 each
Cauliflower 1.29lb
Vidalia onions 1.29lb
5lb bag russet potatoes .99, use coupon on back of flyer (okay, I'd buy this too!)

10 for $10
Horizon 6oz organic yogurt
Thai Kitchen noodle bowls (they are super good!)
42oz Arizona tea
Idahoan mashed potatoes
Calidad tortilla chips 14oz
StarKist Chunk Light tuna pouch
Hunts Manwich sauce

Frozen Food
Dreyers gallon Ice Cream 2.88
Red Baron pizza 2.88
Albertsons veggies 16oz 1.29
Albertsons sherbet 64oz 2.50

Darigold yogurt 20 for $10
Land O Lakes butter 2 for $5
Tillamook cheese 2 for $5 (use newspaper .75 coupon here)
Buddig Deli Cuts lunch meat BOGO

Pantry Items
Tava 4 pack beverages 2 for $5 (look for $1 hangtag coupon)
Albertsons Chocolate syrup 2 for $3
Assorted Kellogs Cereals BOGO (says save up to 6.19 on 2, so this is probably not a good deal at all)
C&H powdered or Brown sugar $1
Barilla pasta 4 for $5
Java Delight or essensia premium coffee 10-12oz 4.99
Tullys coffee 2 for $12 

Keebler cookies or crackers; buy 3 get 1 free (or 1.75 each) 

Save $2 on Meat or Seafood if you buy 2 Rice or Pasta Roni (10 for $10) and 2 Del Monte canned vegetables (10 for $10)

Save $10 on your next shopping trip for every $50 you spend from 5/28- 6/24 on participating items.

Good luck and let me know if you see any great deals.

Hey, I have a small collection of those Wild Harvest $1 coupons and have not found any good items to purchase them with.  Has anyone found and Wild Harvest items for about a buck?  Let me know if you have spent yours and on what!  Thanks!

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Samantha said...

I used mine on crackers when they are on sale for 2/$4-with safeway's double coupon they were only $.50!