Saturday, May 10, 2008

My weeks groceries

Well, this week I only went out once.  Which was really nice.   Neither Walgreens nor Rite Aid had anything I was interested so I dont really have any free pics.  But I do have my groceries from the Commissary.  I spent $37.


Daphne said...

When I first started trying to cut my grocery budget back, I was spending anywhere from $100-140 a week on groceries! For a household of only 4 people! I have since got it between $70-80 a week, but I am still learning.
I would like to see pictures like this of grocery spending, combined with what weekly menus look like, possibly adding in where you get the other ingredients from.
Do you know of any blog or site that does that? I am no where near experienced enough to do so myself. But I think it would be a valuable teaching tool.


Erin said...

Well, it looks like youve done a great job, already cutting your grocery bill in half!!
I like to stock up when I can get a good deal, you see in my pic 5 cans of refried beans, I got those for .05 each. We also dont eat meat or much dairy. We get all our nutrients from whole foods; beans, fruits and veggies. This saves a ton of money.
I think I'll write a post on this, check back in a bit!
Also I know that BeCentsable always posts their menus on mondays. Check them out!

Bloggin' Mama said...

I just had to leave you a comment because you have been such an inspiration to me on my couponing quest! I finally succeeded this week at Walgreens and once I receive my rebates I will have made a profit (for this week) of $1.73!!! Thank you for sharing your deals and helping me learn how to combine coupons/sales, etc. to get the absolute lowest price!!

Erin said...

Bloggin Momma, thank you! That is sooo sweet. Dont you just want to do a little dance when you make profit???