Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caution; coupon disaster!!

Bag of coupons, receipts, rebates, files...
I got so disorganized over the past month and it really snowballed!!  I have a huge bag full of all my coupons and rebates.  I have been busy and have not clipped recently nor have I sent in my rebates in a few weeks!!  Yikes!
Everything laid out, ready to tackle!!
I want to see what everyone else uses for coupon organization, as well as what to do with those rebates and receipts!!  I will have everything back in ship-shape in the next few days(God willing) and will share my finished product then. 

In the meantime get your stuff in order! I would love to compare systems and get good ideas and hints from everyone, we can all help eachother!

Lets meet back, say, monday, and share our ideas and pictures of how we keep things in order!!

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