Monday, May 5, 2008

A really super great freebie!

I just got mine in the mail after a long bought of patience.  I actually never thought it would come, but when I checked my mail today, there it was!!!
The tee shirt I created (I was having a 'green' moment).  The company I ordered this through is Polar Print.  They are still having the promotion offering one free item (per household).  I chose the tee shirt.  They also are offering a return address stamp, return labels or business cards for free.  This includes free shipping, you just have to follow the directions EXACTLY. I stress this because it is a bit confusing.  If you follow the directions and are patient you will be rewarded with your self created gift!  

(I was so happy with my shirt that I decided to place an order for business cards (I needed more anyway), they were free as well, but I did have to pay $4 shipping.)

The Directions to how this works are HERE.  
Bookmark this page or return to my site as you will need to access it later as well. 
You'll see.

Good luck and have fun!  Remember if you have any questions go back to the directions.  Feel free to ask me as well!


webmagnets said...

That is a beautiful design on the shirt. did you design that?

I also want to tell you about another place that offers 1000 free business cards and free shipping.

Erin said...

No I didnt really design it, just picked it out. Great deal on the business cards! I'll check them out!!