Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Sample Sunday!

Wow!!  I almost feel greedy at this point.  I only sign up for freebies I will actually use, so none of this will go to waste.  I keep a (reusable) shopping bag hanging inside my linen closet and stash my weeks samples in it each day so I can take a picture every saturday.  Sometimes it really adds up!!

What did I get?  Im glad you asked.
Vintage wine poster
Goodnights diaper
Home magazine
Childrens coloring book w/ coupons
Total raisin bran
Potty training video
Booklet of cranberry recipes
Icy Hot patch
Hamburger helper single
Starbucks coffee
Nina Ricci perfume 
Tide Detergent
Schick razor
Caulk single
Kotex pad (and $2 coup!!)
20 true lemon/lime/orange samples

My favorite...hmmmm..... the True Lemon samples, I have found those to be very tasty, especially when mixed with a little (liquid) stevia in my water bottle, a yummy 100% natural and calorie free treat.

What freebies and samples did you get this week?  

AHHHHHHH!!!  I JUST DELETED EVERYBODYS LINKS!  IM SOOOO SORRY.  I screwed up the link box html coding and threw my whole site out of whack.  If I can figure out how to put the links back I will, otherwise Im just glad I was able to fix my site.


Heather said...

Very fun - I'm starting to take more photos of my freebies too. Love to share and hear what my readers get! Sometimes I'm like - wow, I haven't gotten that one yet but now I know to be looking for it in my mailbox soon! Too fun!

Erin said...

Thanks Heather! But of course, you are the Queen of freebies!