Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale Hunting

Today will be my first garage sale shopping day for the year.  Yippee!  The weather is supposed to be decent, 60 with just a little rain (it is Washington after all).  My husband will be in school so I will be on my own.  I have gotten prepared last night and have everything ready to go.  Besides bringing stuff for baby, I have a number of things set up for my trip.  Here's what I have done;

1 Snack for me, and water
2 Cash, lots of $1 and small bills(cant bargain with a $20)
3 A list of my planned stops

To make my list I have researched both on-line (craigslist) and the local paper to find garage sales that appeal to me.  I have then written them down in start time sequential order with directions to each one below, see example below;

7:30am; 123 Pink Street, Bigtown
take highway, turn left on Big Road, first house on left

8:00am; 456 Green Street , Littletown
take Big road, turn right past school, big orange house

With everything organized I can just wake up, get baby ready, throw a hat on and arrive before all the good buys are gone!
When I arrive at a sale, I will first do a drive-by to see if it is worth my stopping, if it looks good I will find a parking place farthest away and in a spot less likely to get my car blocked in, or dinged.  Then I will strap on baby and start my hunt!
Wish me luck!

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