Saturday, May 17, 2008

My weeks deals at Albertsons

Using coupons and sales I spent 8.53 and saved $65.  Pretty good, but not my best work!  The toothpaste, silk, bbq sauce, and chocolate HBO was free, I did have to pay for one of the cereals though as I only had 3 coupons left.  Well, actually, the overage from the other cereals paid for it!!

I also did a big shopping trip at the commissary and spent $56.  I stocked up on cat food, soy milk, crackers and stuff to make my husband lunches as well as a bunch of produce.  I like to keep my budget under $250 per month, so all in all I am doing pretty well.


Miss J said...

I want to learn the art of couponing! Where will I get most coupons?!

Erin said...

Most coupons can be found in your local sunday paper, be sure to find the papers from big cities as they have more coups. There are also many sites that print great coupons. I have a few listed on the side bar. Also just try companies you normally purchase from. For example google Earths Best and find printable coupons on their site!!