Wednesday, May 7, 2008

same old free magazines

Has everyone gotten their free magazine(s) from Adperk??  I keep checking back to their site to see if the Alternative Medicine mag is available yet and it still is not.  So, I emailed them and asked if they knew about when it would be available so I could stop neurotically checking every time I think of it.  (Yes, paying for a magazine IS out of the question!!)  They tell me the turnover rate on the magazines depends on how many are requested and how busy they are.  Sooooo, we all need to request a few more magazines so I can get the Alternative Medicine one I want so very, very badly!!

If you have not used Adperks services before, it is quite simple;
1. Click on the magazine you want
2. Watch about 15 minutes of horribly boring 2am infomercial type ads
3. Get a year long subscription free

Do pay attention during these ads, dont let the baby distract you.  You only have a limited number of time (30 seconds?) after the commercial to type in the 'I was awake and attentive through the whole thing' code.

So, lets get old Gramps and uncle Jim-Bob a magazine subscription.  Fathers day IS coming up after all.

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